Spartacus Starz

Any Spartacus fans out there?

The Starz team that just concluded their third wildly successful season came to, where else?, Caesar’s Palace for a party. Here Liam McIntyre hanging out with the Caesar’s Centurions, and in guitar shades with his co-stars. Another martini please, hold the hemlock.


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News Team

We shot this network news anchor team in the local NBC broadcast studio. It would have been easier to shoot in our studio, but they wanted their broadcast background behind them.

News Team

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Colonel Harvis

Meet Colonel Lee Harvis

Colonel Harvis is one of the Air Force’s few pilot-physicians.
A Command Pilot and Senior Flight Surgeon, he has more than
2,500 hours, including 60 plus combat hours in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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The New Year & Las Vegas Event Photography


The new year has started fast at Las Vegas Event Photography. . .

For the fifth year, we worked with our friends from a Japanese flooring company at the massive Surfaces show at Mandalay Bay, taking part again in the elaborate sake keg ceremony and awards. Taking place concurrently with Surfaces is the annual StoneExpo show, where we help The Marble Institute with their annual international awards in architectural achievement, including one for Las Vegas’ new Smith Center for the Performing Arts. 
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