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How Conference Photography Tells the Shoptalk Story

Jan 29, 2020Blog

Nothing helps tell a great business story like photos and videos.

Las Vegas Event Photography is the official photography, videography, and media services provider for the Shoptalk conference. And, we’re proud to say that we’ve been here from the beginning, capturing key moments in Shoptalk history. 

What is Shoptalk?

Shoptalk is the fastest growing conference in the retail industry; it helps brands and retailers plan for the future of the industry.

As the fastest growing event in the retail industry, Shoptalk is an annual conference that’s designed to help companies reinvent retail. The conference draws more than 8,000 attendees each spring.

The conference is a favorite among industry changemakers including retailers and brands as well as direct-to-consumer and tech startups, large tech and internet companies, venture capital investors, real estate developers, equity analysts, media, and others.

Since 2015, Las Vegas Event Photography has been there, capturing photos and videos that showcase what Shoptalk is about. Images have been distributed to future attendees, to speakers and vendors, and to promote the event of social media and in media coverage.

Shoptalk’s conference photography and video shows this event in a way words alone can’t.

Shoptalk Storytelling Creates Event Buzz

The connection between Las Vegas Event Photography and Shoptalk is a natural one.

As the corporate event photographer for Shoptalk, we provide conference-wide services. We have a feel for the Shoptalk story and how conference organizers want it told, ensuring they get photos and video that meet their needs.

A team of conference photographers works before, during, and after the event to capture the essence of innovation in retail. We are a single-source vendor, meaning that every image, video, and social media image you see surrounding the event is planned by a professional team. This can take a lot of the guesswork out of conference marketing for you and help create a consistent visual experience for vendors, speakers, attendees, and future attendees when they seek information about the event.

This year’s Shoptalk is focusing on women in retail with a 100% female speaker lineup. The theme will shape how we plan taking photos and videos because it is integral to the event’s story. You can expect a heavy collection of women who are heavy hitters and changemakers in retail in this year’s edit.

One of the most fun aspects of working with an event such as Shoptalk is creating day-by-day photo stories of the event itself. Each day can have a vibe of its own based on location (and even weather) and the energy of keynote speakers or activities.

Key Photography/Videography Services

Conference photography is more than just a couple of images from a keynote speech. To fully capture the essence of an event, you’ll want images that represent a variety of aspects of the participant experience.

Key photography/videography services include:

  • Headshot station
  • Roaming photographers to capture attendees, vendors, and speakers interacting
  • Time-lapse photos or videos that tell an event story in a few seconds
  • Photos and videos of keynote speakers
  • Photos and videos of parties, excursions, and side events surrounding your conference
  • On location images and video that show a desirable hotel or destination for attendees
  • Innovative ways to tell your brand story in photo and video 

Las Vegas Event Photography will travel to corporate events to provide services just like those at Shoptalk. Don’t let our name fool you; we aren’t exclusive to the Las Vegas metro area. 

Let’s Produce a Conference Video for Your Next Event!

Photos and video capture that energy in a way that you can use to help encourage future attendance or help tell a story to the media and generate coverage.

Even a conference experience that you might not think about can create buzz and engagement for your event. With Shoptalk, we’ve captured everything from signage and setup to keynote speakers to a gallery of vendors and brands to smaller talks and daily galleries for social media.

If you aren’t sure how to maximize the impact of conference photography, we can help. And if you already know what you want to see from an event photographer or videographer, we’re ready to work with you.