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Compelling Reasons for a Videographer at Your Next Corporate Event

Jan 22, 2020Blog

Videography will help your team make the most out of your next corporate event.

A great video is so much more than a series of moving pictures. It tells a story, creates visual engagement, and forms an emotional bond to your event.

Not sure if you need video? Here are compelling reasons why video production should be part of your next corporate event.

Professional Video Can “Sell” Future Events

Do you want to attract quality attendees, speakers, sponsors for next event? The right combination of professional conference photography and videography is the foundation of a powerful toolkit for selling future events.


Professional Videographers Know How to Tell the Right Story

Your Compelling Visual Story

One key element of video is that video storytelling reinforces your brand through both motion picture and sound. It evokes brand emotion through sight and sound. Video is a very compelling medium for brand and audience building.

A professional video/photo team will ask you the right questions so that you get just the right images and clips to tell the story of your corporate event. (They understand that not every event has the same vibe.) 


ShopTalk is a yearly conference where retailers, product brands, tech startups, venture capitalists, real estate developers and industry analysts come together to discuss trends and the future of retailing. For many years running, Las Vegas Event Photography continues to be ShopTalk’s lead photography team for the conference.


Value-Add for Speakers or Sponsors

Hiring a videographer provides additional value for speakers, vendors, and event sponsors as well.

By providing snippets of an event talk that speakers can use to promote themselves and the event to b-roll that shows sponsor booths or attendee engagement, video can provide the ‘icing on the cake’ to attract key partners for an event.

While Las Vegas Event Photography can provide post-production editing (just ask us), we will deliver raw footage so you can edit clips to fit your exact needs. 


Commonly known as Huber, the Huber Kältemaschinenbau AG company is a leading manufacturer of high precision thermoregulation devices for research and industrial laboratories. With the explosion in the legal hemp market, Huber made their presence known at 2019’s Marijuana Business MJBizCon conference in Las Vegas.


B-Roll Can Increase Participation and Excitement

When it comes to corporate event videography, don’t forget about location and venue b-roll (establishing shots, cutaway shots, stock footage, etc..). Video clips that show where your event is held, things to do in the area, and the scenery of a city or travel destination are all key selling points, particularly for out-of-town visitors and conference attendees.

These shots can strengthen your video library and enhance future event promotion. Even if your event changes location, a scene-setting video can communicate the zeitgeist of the event, and strike interest with those who couldn’t make your last event.


Generate Media Coverage

Have you ever had a call from the media asking for video clips to help promote your event? The ability to provide professional, high-quality video can help your event get more coverage.

In a busy news world, having clips available can help online magazines provide event coverage even if they can’t be there in person. Don’t miss this opportunity because you didn’t hire an event videographer.


Your Turnkey Solution for Both  Photography and Videography

Using a single-source vendor for photography and videography can ensure that documenting your event will happen without a glitch. A single source professional team won’t get in the way of other event vendors or interfere with event-goers.

Las Vegas Event Photography provides both videography and photography services for corporate and special events. From trade shows to conventions, from concerts to talks and speeches, corporate parties, product launches, tournaments, and other live stage productions, we can help you get the right video and photos for your corporate event.

Now is the time to start building a catalog of visual assets to market future events.

Don’t be fooled by our name. Our team regularly travels to events as well.

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