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How to Choose the Right Corporate Event Photographer

Jun 25, 2019Blog

When it comes to choosing the right corporate event photographer, understand that not every photographer is the same. Different photographers or photo companies may specialize in different photography services.

Think of it this way, you probably won’t hire the same photographer to take photos at your wedding and at a corporate business event.

Corporate event photography is more than just a collection of pictures. It creates a value-add for event organizers that they can share with participants, including conference attendees, speakers, organizers, vendors, and sponsors.


How to Hire a Photographer for a Business Event

Here’s everything you need to know when it comes to hiring an event photographer, so you can find the right fit for your company.


Search for Corporate Event Photographers

Corporate and business event photography is a specialty. A good corporate event photographer or photo team will showcase their work in an online portfolio.

Events will be almost all they do. They rarely do other types of commercial product photography; or wedding and personal event photography. This is especially true in bigger cities and thriving metros, where you will run into both kinds of photographers. You’ll know someone who focuses on corporate events photography by looking at their portfolio. It should be packed with the types of images you hope to see after your event concludes.

Once you’ve started to narrow the search to a short list of photography candidates, take a hard look at their images. How is the lighting? How is depth of field? Is the subject matter appropriately presented? Does a particular photographer’s style fit your brand? Do the photographs tell a story?

A Focus on Event Photography Services

Making the right choice does go beyond liking a certain type of pictures. You want an event photographer that will provide the services you need. The bigger the event, the more important this can become.

To ascertain who may be an accomplished corporate event photographer, consider the following questions:

  • How many years of experience does the event photographer have? (The answer is likely different from total years of experience.)
  • Is their staff large enough to cover the size of the conference? (How many attendees, speakers, vendors, and sponsors do you want coverage for?)
  • Will you set up a portrait or headshot station? (This is a popular feature at business events.)
  • Do you want video production? Who’ll provide post-production services?
  • How soon after the event will the photos be delivered?
  • Who are some of the photographers’ other event photography clients?

Hire a corporate event photographer that will capture these things at your event:

  • Speakers speaking
  • Trade show booths
  • Product demos
  • General attendee images
  • Photos to post quickly on social media

Ask About Lead Times and Deadlines

How soon do you need a photographer for your corporate event? It’s a consideration that impacts which photographer you select and cost.

Professional event photographers book months in advance. Don’t wait until the last minute and start talking to photographers as soon as you book your event venue. (Certain dates, conferences and conventions can drive up demand even more.)

Once you know you can get the photographer you want on the dates you’ve selected, have a conversation about deadlines. How soon after the event can you expect to get photos?

Set that expectation up front so there are no questions later.

Create a Business Relationship

If you are looking for something specific, such as photographers in Las Vegas – we can help you there – you’ll want to reach out to start building a relationship early.

An event photographer is someone who will represent your company during the event and the photos they produce will be a reflection of your brand after the event. So, be certain you are a match in terms of personality and goals for the conference when you choose your preferred photographer.

The sooner you start having the conversations, the better photos you can expect to get.

Let’s start building a relationship!