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Photography from Different Events is a Boon for Company Stakeholders

Jul 1, 2020Blog

The Various Event Stakeholders Have Different Photographic Needs

Photography from live events can help create a library of images to use for a variety of purposes long after the convention, trade show, or expo ends.

Depending on stakeholders associated with your brand, photo use can continue for months or years and even help promote future events. Photo and video for events is a worthwhile investment that can provide long-term value for clients, event participants and vendors, and your company.

The key thing a corporate events photographer will focus on is capturing the energy and mood of each different event type in a way that best showcases the people, location, and vibe.

Convention Photography Services

One of the most used and reused types of commercial event photography is from conventions. These events often include a large number of people that come together for a common interest.

Conventions can include speakers, networking sessions, workshops, and always include plenty of opportunity for facetime among people with similar interests.

One of the biggest stakeholder benefits of a convention is coming away with new contacts and prospective clients.

Photos from an event of this type might focus on showing person to person interactions, networking and conversations, and any speakers or large meetings. Attendance at conventions is generally open and people interested in the convention topic self-select when it comes to buying tickets.

Corporate Photography
Conference event photographer
Convention event photography

Expo Photography

A corporate photography or videographer can also help you at expositions, also called expos or trade fairs. An expo in Las Vegas (or anywhere for that matter) is a mix of a convention and trade show where products and services are promoted, and there are also speakers, presentations, seminars, question and answer sessions, and networking.

All of these elements of an expo make it essential to create a library of images to share with event attendees, speakers, and vendors as well as to promote future events.

Photos from expos can show the true nature of an event and be a valuable tool for future event promotion. Photos can be used for marketing materials and as proof of performance for speakers and vendors wanting to know how busy an event is or to show their location on the expo floor.

Stakeholder Photography Needs

Different stakeholders will want to repurpose event photography in different ways. A strong corporate photographer is comfortable with different types of events and the needs associated with them, proving to be a valuable partner.

There are plenty of ways to use, and repurpose event photography. Don’t get caught without great corporate photography!

Your stakeholders might ask for photos for various reasons.

  • Marketing and sales: Show happy people or customers engaging with your product, event, or brand
  • Public relations: Photos to share with media or to capture PR goals
  • Investor relations: Corporate event photos can show that a business is a solid investment or even highlight research and development
  • Internal corporate relations: Photos can support fundraising, employee morale, and other company projects
  • Product development: Photos from a trade show can show important milestones in product development, such as showing use and customer feedback

Las Vegas Event Photography has the experience to help you capture the right moments for your stakeholders at corporate events including conferences, trade shows, and expos.

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