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The Value of Great ‘People & Portrait’ Photography from Corporate Events

Jun 12, 2019Blog

Event participants have high expectations, and you want to hire a photographer that’s up to the challenge. Getting the right photos can extend the value of events for everyone in attendance from paid participants to speakers to vendors and sponsors.

When hiring a corporate event photographer, it’s crucial to think strategically about what types of photos people will have from your event. Not only do you want to see happy and engaged participants, but there are plenty of opportunities when photography can be leveraged as a tool to keep brands in front of clients and prospects months after an event ends.

Add value to your conference photography by offering and planning for different types of shoots.


Headshots from Business Conferences are Conversation Starters

“Hey Dave, where’d you get that great headshot you use on LinkedIn?”

One of the most popular features of modern conferences is to offer free business headshots for attendees. Whether professionals are unhappy with their current headshots or just need something to freshen up their LinkedIn profiles, an executive portrait booth or headshot booth is a major conference draw.

The other bonus is that conference sponsors love this brand placement, making it a revenue driver for your conference as well.

Set up an area with lights and a backdrop and allow participants to sit for mini headshot sessions with a corporate portrait photographer. Promote business headshots with signage, and don’t forget to include the sponsor. After the event, everyone who had their photo taken will receive a link to a branded webpage to download their photo.

Corporate Dinner and After-Party Photos

Every business photographer knows that some of the best photos of people at events happen at dinner or the after-party. These photos are more likely to show people who are feeling a little looser and include more motion and activity.

Capturing photos from the after-event is an easy way to show fun and networking during your conference for future promotion.

Event Speaker Photos

Keynote speakers are influencers. Stage shots of them at your event should be their media kit’s primary image. A conference speaker can be a top advocate for your event, and photos that show them in their best light are easy for them to share and can add authority to the speaker and your event. Add value for speakers by capturing them in action at your event.


Offer photos to speakers for use in future promos, advertorials, news coverage, and blog posts. 

Executive Photos from Far-off Destinations

Make the most of your conference location by showing people in recognized places. Is your event in Las Vegas, Los Angeles or New York? Use an iconic skyline as a backdrop for an executive photo-shoot. 

Take advantage of the natural fit between conference attendees that want images of themselves in the location and having great images to highlight the event. You can use these images to promote future events or for almost any other marketing purpose.

Social Media Photos for Events

Don’t forget about social media when you hire a photographer. Conference attendees expect to see themselves on your social media pages during and after the event.

Social media photos from big events should include a mix of wide-angle shots of speakers and the conference space to show the scale of the conference; and tighter shots of participants, who are most likely to share photos of themselves.

Excellent photography gives people at your event the tools to showcase it for you on social media.


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