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How to Prepare for your Corporate Event Photographer

Jul 30, 2019Blog

How to Prepare for your Corporate Event Photographer

Jul 30, 2019Blog

To get the best photography from upcoming corporate event, trade show, or conference you need to do a little pre-planning with your photographer.

This step happens after you hire a photographer, but can come weeks or months before the event itself. Planning includes gathering information about what images you want to receive back from your photographer. That way you and the photographer are ready and on the same page when it’s “go time.”

We’ve put together a couple of checklists of things for you to think about and questions to answer — and share with your photographer — ahead of your event.

Not only can advertising a headshot booth help draw people to an event, but it can help create a lasting takeaway. It’s an attraction that can help make your conference stand out as a more memorable event.

It’s one of the services we offer at Las Vegas Event Photography.


Your Organization’s Event Photography Needs a Checklist

Have your organization internally decide on the following questions. These answers will help the photographer understand what’s needed in order to get what you want from the event.

Print out this list of questions, answer each one, and provide this document to your photographer when it’s complete. You’ll find there is a lot to think about and get photos of. The challenge is that your photographer(s) can’t be present everywhere during the event, so you’ll want to prioritize the list.

Rank each name on the list as “Must have photographed,” “Like to have photographed,” “Nice to have photographed,” and “Everyone else.”

People to Photograph

Who needs to be photographed at the event? List names of keynote speakers, times, and room locations to make sure they are photographed.

  • Are there big-name clients in attendance? Who are they and how can the photographer find them?
  • Will honorees or award recipients be in attendance?
  • Will business owners, organization officials, or executives be in attendance?
  • List names of key members (for clubs and organizations) to be photographed, retirees, celebrities, special guests, emcees. and hosts.
  • Who are key entertainers or performers at the event? Note times and locations.
  • Do you want photos of groups of people? Note how you’ll use the images after the event and whether you want to see small, medium, or large groups.
  • Are there after-hours events suitable for photos, such as dinners, happy hours, or networking opportunities? (Note the times and locations.)

Types of Event Photos Wanted

Business conference photography can be used in a number of ways, including providing professional images to attendees and speakers, to highlight the conference online, as well as to promote future events.

If you know how your organization plans to use the images, that context can help a photographer frame photos to work for your purposes.

  • What types of photos does your organization need?
  • Where will the images be used? Online website hero images? Vertical orientation for brochures?
  • Do you prefer tight or wide-angle shots?
  • Do you give out corporate gifts that include portraits or images?
  • What images of the venue, location, monuments, or booths would you like images of?
  • Is there conference entertainment or parties that you want photographed?
  • Do you need images for social media? (List channels.)
  • Do you need video?

Plan for Key Photo Opportunities

One of the elements that helps make business conference photography successful is the relationship between you and the photographer. As an event planner or organizer, it’s important to help the photography team know when and where key people will be to get the perfect shot.

Note photo opportunities with time, location, and the names of people who need photographed. Send someone along with a photographer to identify people who are important to photograph.

Key photo opportunities include:

  • Speakers giving talks
  • Product unveilings
  • Audience reactions
  • Behind the scenes view of an event
  • Dinners and after-party networking
  • Performances and entertainment

Event Photography Technique and Style

The final consideration when working with a trade show or corporate events photographer is style. While quality composition and framing are a basic expectation, photo style can be equally important.

Style is creating a match between your company or organization look and what the photographer delivers. You can also ask the photographer about new techniques, trends, or style of photography to get a feel for what they can do that works with the way you want to use images. You never know what photographer recommendations might strike your fancy.

Ask these questions to match a style match for your business conference photography.

  • How will photos be taken? This could include still photos, drone photography, and video.
  • Different angles and viewpoints are important. Should every image be at ground-floor or eye level or are you looking for something different?
  • Would you like photos for new media, such as 360-degree images?
  • Would you like a timelapse photo/video of your event or venue?
  • Will your event include headshot stations?

Bringing it All Together with your Las Vegas Event Photographer

When it comes down to hiring a photographer for a corporate event, it all comes down to the images.

When preparing for a trade show or conference, ask yourself why you hired a specific photographer. What about their portfolio appealed to you?

Play to their strengths to get the best photos from your event. Talk about your needs up front and provide a checklist of the photos you need from the event so you and your photographer will be on the same page, resulting in stellar event photography.

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