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Looking for something unique? We regularly customize our services to satisfy the requirements of our clients.

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Convention and Conference Photography

Our team has years of experience with convention and conference photography. For large conferences, we have the ability to assemble a 12 to 20-person team composed of seasoned photographers, videographers, onsite editors, coordinators, social media experts and other support staff.

Exhibit Design & Architectural

There’s something aesthetically pleasing to the eye about great architecture. Modern buildings aren’t just structures, they’re pieces of artwork. We provide exterior and interior photography of commercial buildings, houses, restaurants, trade show booths and more. And, we do it with professional architectural lenses.

Tradeshow and Expo Photography

When companies desire to showcase their wares and hold business meetings, event photography turns its focus on individuals and products. For these shows, we regularly undertake product-centric photography, onsite business portraits, video shots of demos and product reveals, and shoots at private VIP dinners.

Creative Photography

Designers of backlit ad displays, posters, billboards and annual reports may require creative photography. Whether it may be a story that needs to be told or a brand shown in a different context, Las Vegas Event Photography can capture your vision.

People and Portraits

To an observer, images of people strengthen bonds with a brand, product, service or message. Through the use of portraits and photojournalism we can capture the right imagery so you can tell a compelling story.

Video Shooting and Editing

One of the most effective ways of communication is through video or motion picture.  Las Vegas Event Photography has the capability to shoot and edit an event to your organization’s specifications.  If unedited raw footage is all that’s wanted for your in-house editors, we can do the shoot and then provide your team the video.

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