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Event Photography Promotes the Groceryshop Story

Feb 26, 2020Blog

Groceryshop’s Photography Generates Buzz and Builds a Conference Following

Many times it makes good business sense to hire all your event photography needs from one vendor. By using a single source there is more floor coverage, less duplication, more efficient use of personnel, and a lot less time spent on coordination.

In 2018, Groceryshop chose the Las Vegas Event Photography team as their preferred photography vendor. One of the important benefits we provided, and a criteria they were looking for, is that we were able to provide all their photographic and videographic needs under one umbrella.

The business relationship between Las Vegas Event Photography and Groceryshop formed right from the beginning — some might say even before the beginning. When Groceryshop needed to book a photography team for their first event, the conference organizers immediately reached out to Ben Zimmerman of Las Vegas Event Photography. The organizers had already been used Ben and his team for their sister conference, Shoptalk, for some time and they viewed Las Vegas Event Photography as the perfect fit for their new conference.

Groceryshop continues to use Las Vegas Event Photography as their official photography, videography, and media services provider.

What is the Groceryshop Conference All About?

It’s About an Industry

Grocery and food markets currently face an inflection point in business operations and consumer use of technology. With advances in online shopping, many customers are now purchasing groceries via Internet for pick-up and delivery. Many grocery outlets fear that if online service offerings aren’t integrated into their business plan, they could face similar financial hardships as seen in other areas of the retail sector.

Enter Groceryshop

Launched in 2018, Groceryshop is an annual Las Vegas conference with the purpose of introducing technological innovation to the way groceries are sold. This conference focuses on market trends and technologies that are bound to influence our grocery shopping behaviors in years to come. 

Groceryshop draws over 3,000 attendees, comprised of supply chain, merchandising, digital and ecommerce marketing, and c-level executives.


Groceryshop’s conference photography and video shows this event in a way that words alone can’t.

Groceryshop Conference Photography Promotes Demand

As the corporate event photographer for Groceryshop, we provide conference-wide services. We understand how Groceryshop conference organizers want their story told. And we ensure that the final photography and video footage is on-target and delivered on-time.

Quality Control is Important to the Groceryshop Story

Groceryshop organizers promote their conference messaging through brochures, mailers and across the web — which includes their own website. Across these communication venues, the use of high-quality photography is an important part of brand quality control.

The Groceryshop story is also told through many third-party outlets for both promotional and editorial purposes. Accordingly, the organizers release high quality photos in their media kits for third-party writers, bloggers, and publishers. By providing the media professional-grade photography, the conference is able to mitigate the dissemination of low- and poor- quality photography, and maintain the stature of their brand.


Key Conference Photography Services

The most successful conferences understand that photography is more than a few shots of the keynote speaker. To fully capture the conference Zeitgeist, Groceryshop enlisted our top talent to provide the following services:

  • Headshot station
  • Roaming photographers to capture attendees, vendors, and speakers interacting
  • Time-lapse photos or videos that tell an event story in a few seconds
  • Photos and videos of keynote speakers
  • Photos and videos of parties, excursions, and side events surrounding your conference
  • On location images and video that show a desirable hotel or destination for attendees
  • Innovative ways to tell your brand story in photo and video


Let Us Photograph Your Next Event!

Are you looking for quality photography to represent your business, event and brand? 

Whether the photos you need are for mailers, a website, social media or press kits, Las Vegas Event Photography can provide the quality you want from a professional photographer. We’re ready to work with you. Contact us today.