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Hire a Great Hospitality Photographer and Get More Events Booked!

Oct 24, 2019Blog

Hospitality Photography Books your Hotel and Resort with Guests and Events

The right photos can help people make a choice to visit your hotel or resort. Hospitality photos will fuel marketing pieces and generate participation interest and leads for vacation and business travelers.

Hospitality photography shows spaces and places in their most favorable light. This style takes a photographer with a detailed eye for lighting, shapes, space, atmosphere, and style to showcase your venue in the best possible way. 

The Right Photography will get your Hotel on the Corporate Shortlist

Picking an event venue or place to stay can actually hinge on what a hotel or resort looks like. Prospective guests look for photos that show amenities, nearby attractions, and location before making a booking choice. 

Guests want an experience as well, often selecting where to stay partially based on location or amenities.

Great hotel and hospitality photography can help turn event prospects into solid leads, with stunning images that create a wanted destination. A hospitality photographer will help you stage the location, such as a hotel room, conference area, or dining room to show the space in the best possible light. (Sometimes literally with outdoor locations or spaces with natural light.)

This style of photography works in brochures, online for your website, and for use in ads and other promotional materials to generate interest about a specific hotel or resort. It can be the thing that makes your location stand out, especially for venues without bigger brand names.

Hospitality Photography Can Answer Questions for Guests

The other benefit that comes with using stellar hospitality images is that photos really do speak a thousand words. Use these images to answer questions about the location, area attractions and things to do, and wow potential visitors.

Aim for images that provide a lush, rich environment. You want people to see your space as a luxurious, but high-value, location. The right photos can make or break an impression.

When planning the shoot, think about photos that can answer the following questions:

  • What do event spaces look like?
  • How can I envision the catering?
  • What will my room look like?
  • What will I eat?
  • What will I do while I am in town?
  • Who else will be there?
  • Is the location worth the price?

Get the Most Out of Hotel Event Photography

Tips for Making the Most of Your Photo Shoot

Make the most of your time with a photographer by having everything you need ready for a photoshoot.

You want to make places look as inviting as possible with a little staging that you can work on — and discuss — with your hospitality photographer in advance.

Things your Hotel Photographer is likely to consider:

  • Staging hotel rooms with clean bright linens that are wrinkle-free and pillows or other elements with pops of color.
  • Lighting can make or break photos; consider shooting rooms with natural light during the golden hour.
  • Have restaurant and banquet room tables ready with clean tablecloths and simple place settings.
  • Add centerpieces to tables, but be mindful of overly trendy styles that can date photos later.
  • Mood and time of day. Use photos that fit your audience. Nightlife photos, for example, should be taken on location at night, not mid-afternoon.

Mood and time of day. Use photos that fit your audience. Nightlife photos, for example, should be taken on location at night, not mid-afternoon.


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