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Las Vegas Exhibit and Architectural Photography

Sep 12, 2019Blog

Promotion Through Architectural Design Requires Stellar Photography

A good commercial photographer can capture static elements, including exhibits at conferences and events, or the neat angles of a building in a way that tells a story and looks like art. These images can then serve as a cornerstone for future event promotion by showing a place or landmark that participants will be excited about.

Types of Exhibit and Architectural Design Photography

Exhibit and architectural photos can come in a lot of forms. Characteristically, they show a place and what makes it special. These photos often have a personality, with beautiful lighting and great staging that creates a scene people can imagine themselves being a part of. A snapshot on an iPhone can’t capture the beautiful woodgrain lines of a table in a hotel or the rich color of dishware in a restaurant or the perfectly crafted display of a vendor right before a trade show opens. Exhibit design, particularly at events in Las Vegas, is among the most elaborate and impactful in the world. Capture this with photography that shows your conference or vendor booth to people who can’t be there in person, or to use for later event marketing.

Uses of Exhibit & Architectural Photography

While many organizers think about all the ways to use photos of people at events, images that highlight the location, architecture, interior design, or restaurant and hospitality amenities can be just as important. These images are a vital part of marketing and promotion for current and future events. Providing sponsors or vendors with a photo of their location at your event is a nice perk as well.

Other uses include:

  • Show off a display or exhibit
  • Set the stage for the mood of an event location
  • Provide images to vendors or sponsors after the event
  • Show the location or scale of a venue
  • Future event promotion
  • Showcase vendor/sponsorship opportunities
  • Highlight amenities or attractions, such as restaurants for after-parties or luxurious hotel rooms for guests

Las Vegas Event Photography can help you capture everything you need to showcase your event, hotel, location and more with top-quality competition and commercial photography. We’ll help you capture elements of your event or location that you’ll want to use and share for years to come.

Not quite sure how to make exhibit or architectural photography work for you? Browse some of our past work here. The possibilities are limitless. 


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