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Why a Photo Headshot Station is Needed at Your Next Business Conference

Jul 18, 2019Blog

A professional headshot station will be one of the most popular elements at your next business conference.

What is photo headshot station?

A photo headshot station is set up and managed by a professional photographer and provides an opportunity for business conference attendees to get a new portrait taken. These headshot photos can be used for a variety of purposes, from resumes to social media profiles to professional websites or bios.

Photo Headshot Station vs. Photo Booth

This is quite different than photo booths that many conferences set up for fun with props and instant photos. Executive photos have a professional look and feel, feature the subject in business attire against a neutral setting or backdrop.

An executive headshot station can be a strong draw at conferences because it provides value for conference-goers.

How old is the photo on your business card or LinkedIn profile?

 Not only can advertising a headshot booth help draw people to an event, but it can help create a lasting takeaway. It’s an attraction that can help make your conference stand out as a more memorable event.

It’s one of the services we offer at Las Vegas Event Photography.




Benefits of Providing an Executive Headshot Station

An executive headshot station provides a distinct benefit to attendees, vendors, and organizers of a business event, allowing them to have a professional photo sitting.

A headshot station can add value to your event from the registration process to the follow-up phase after the event.

A Valuable Takeaway

A headshot station can help sell conference sign-ups as a valuable takeaway. Busy professionals don’t always have time to schedule photo appointments; this puts the opportunity right in front of them.

Persistant Engagement

Providing an opportunity for executive headshots can help keep people at the conference venue during downtimes and help mitigate thinning afternoon crowds.

Branding that Lasts

Professional headshots leave a lasting impression on conference attendees and can generate repeat registrations for years to come. Every time a business professional gets complimented on their great photo, it becomes a reminder of your event.

A headshot station creates a valuable sponsorship opportunity that can cover costs, making it a win-win option.

Follow-up Conversation Piece

Offering professional portraits creates a post-conference touchpoint via email in a message that users will be waiting for. An email with instructions for ordering and downloading headshots can be combined with a thank you to conference participants, ask for survey results, or promote your next event.


What is a conference headshot station

How Does a Headshot Station Work?

As an organizer, adding a headshot station to your business conference is as easy as finding the right photographer and providing a location for the booth at your event.

Here’s how it works:

  • Conference attendees will have photo sittings during the event at the event venue
  • The photographer will perform basic retouching to photos and upload thumbnails to an online gallery
  • The gallery will be available online two days after the event
  • A link goes to conference attendees to alert them to the location of photos, where they can click on a thumbnail to review different samples from their shoot
  • Each person can then download the photo they like best




Would a professional headshot station appeal to attendees at your next event? Contact us to learn more.