Colonel Harvis

Meet Colonel Lee Harvis

Colonel Harvis is one of the Air Force’s few pilot-physicians.
A Command Pilot and Senior Flight Surgeon, he has more than
2,500 hours, including 60 plus combat hours in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Colonel Lee Harvis

  • Command Pilot
  • Senior Flight Surgeon
  • 2,500+ hours in combat
  • 60+ combat hours in Afghanistan and Iraq.

After I was commissioned to photograph him, he and I decided together that we would shoot on the tarmac rather than in an examining room.

I wanted to include the rotors and take advantage of the helicopters lined up behind him. I stood on a ladder with my lens about 10 feet off the ground and five feet from him and shot with a Hasselblad Super-Wide. A subtle fill flash helped balance the harsh desert light on his face, and the canopy of the cockpit provided a little fill from the left.

As he answered my questions about his career, the expression I wanted appeared. He looks personable, unflappable and confident, and his uniform and the hardware behind him tell the rest.